Even before John Wesley made small group ministry a foundation of the United Methodist Church, Jesus and his disciples were a small group who supported one another, studied scripture, prayed and worshiped, and performed missional service. The old becomes new again in ChristCare Small Groups.
Groups are formed around a common interest, passion, or purpose. The group leader generally decides the common interest and individuals express a desire to join the group. The group decides where to meet, how often, and what mission project the group will have. They may meet every week, every other week or whatever works for the group. Groups range in size from 3 to 12 members. If you are interested in becoming part of the ChristCare ministry at Grace, please contact someone from the ChristCare Equipper Team:

 Beverly Blevins 279-7527       Kathy Bradley 278-0320       Rosemary Harris 278-4555

Happy Parker 642-9747        Dave Redmond 278-1307


Couples for Christ Get Fit

This group’s purpose is to grow together in faith and to be a source of caring inspiration to each other. Steps are taken to become more spiritually and physically fit for God’s honor and glory. The group supports members in their various church and community activities such as Project Warm, Sunday School teacher support, Return to Bethlehem, Wild Game Dinner, and more. Led by Sherry Smith.

Sterling House Worship “God’s Paintbrush”

This group leads the 11:00 a.m. worship on Sundays for residents at Sterling House Assisted Living Facility on the first, fourth, and fifth Sundays each month. Led by Sandra Watson and supported by members of the Cokesbury Sunday School Class.


Mission Friends

This group’s purpose is to seek God better through Biblical study, prayer and living out Christ’s love for one another by serving others. We meet the second Wednesday of each month in the Fifth Grade Sunday school classroom.  We are currently a group of about eight women of various ages as well as one honorary member who bakes cakes for us when we take food to the Garden City Rescue Mission once a month. Our goal is to include children and grandchildren in our volunteer service to others. We also help Pat Carpenter in her summer bible study at Summerfield Park for low income children in our area. We strive to support each other with love and trust and welcome new members who are interested in serving others as Jesus instructed in John 13:14-17. Led by Kay Poss and Kristi Atkins.

Grace Messengers

A new Christ care group, Grace Messengers, has been organized to reach out to our members who may have missed church due to illness, family emergencies, being needed elsewhere, or for any other reason. Members who attend Grace 50% of the time and then miss 4 Sundays in a row, will be sent a card by this group to let them know they are missed in our church family. We meet once a month to share devotions and prayer and update this ministry. We are excited about making sure that those who are not with us on Sundays feel their important place in the body of Christ. Led by Frances Redmond and Anne Comer.

Word in the World

This group meets for prayer and Bible study and selects pictures to superimpose scripture on. Members photograph birds, wildlife, insects, flowers, nature. Pictures are donated to CMONA as a devotional item for sale in their store. Led by Jim Dennis.

Fit with Faith

This group meets on Tuesday & Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for devotions, prayer time, and physical activity to nourish our souls and bodies. The emphasis is on encouraging women to consciously take care of their spiritual and physical bodies through encouraging fellowship and exercise. Missions includes participation in philanthropic races/walks, encouraging children and youth to be physically active, and helping with the Bolivia run. Contact Debbie Yano for more information.

Upper Room Encouragers

The stated purpose of this group is to be “encouragers” through prayer, cards, visits, or phone calls to those in their acquaintance who are facing challenges. You are invited to join other Grace UMC folks on Wednesdays from 10-11 a.m. at the home of Joe and Laura Lusk, 1950 Green Forest Drive. We read the Wednesday Bible passages and devotional thoughts offered inThe Upper Room,share thoughts about the scripture and its relevance to our lives by responding to the questions given for that day in the devotional booklet, and share prayer concerns. Led by Laura Lusk and Sandra Travis. Call 803 279-6283 if you have questions.

Heal with Grace

This group seeks to offer faith, love, and hope to members of Grace United Methodist Church and our community that are coping with the effects of cancer. Each member brings a unique perspective providing different coping mechanisms and skills developed through their own personal struggles with the disease.

We know that God lays before us many opportunities for sharing His love with those touched by cancer.  We will be ready to answer His call to serve those in need through prayers, cards, and support. We ask that God leads us in the way that He would have us minister to those impacted by cancer, and that we may be an example of God’s love for them. The group meets once or twice a month depending on the need. Please contact Lou Ann Sink at 803-279-0246, Debi Hursey at 803-640-8607 or at

Transportation Ministry

This group’s mission involves providing transportation to church members.  We not only provide transportation to church and Sunday School on Sunday morning but to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other needs as they arise during the week.   Of equal importance is the fellowship with those we transport.  Our goal is to bring a little joy into the lives for our elderly members who need to call on us for help.  If you feel a calling to help in this ministry, please join us. Contact John or Margaret McKibbin at 803-634-0945 or 803-624-9071.

 Wednesday Night Dinners to Shut-ins

On Wednesday nights, meals are delivered to shut-ins. Please contact Jenny Lynn Williams or Nan Hall for more information.