We cannot live well without help. All of us have had friends, mentors, or guides whose influence lives on inside us. We could not go far without them, without their presence or insight or encouragement or tough word. The fellowship opportunities that we find in Adult Sunday School classes help us to see the glimmers of God’s presence that we may overlook when left to our own devices. Join us at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings as we walk the road to spiritual maturity in the company of others. After all, we were made to be with others in love and in life!
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Beverly Blevins
Director of Adult Ministries
803-279-7525 ext. 213

Cokesbury Class

The Cokesbury Class is a large, growing class of active empty-nesters with a “small group” quality. We always welcome visitors and new members. Our objectives are spiritual growth, devoted friendship, and fun-filled fellowship. Teachers, on a planned rotation, lead lessons using the Adult Bible Series as the basis for excellent lecture and lively discussion. During class members offer the weekly devotion, lead the hymn sing, provide piano accompaniment, and share experiences. Active church participation includes women’s and men’s groups, committees, congregational care, lay reading, greeting, adult choirs, drama productions, offertory duty and ushering. Outreach missions are supported through service and monetary offerings for CMONA, Habitat for Humanity, Operation Christmas Child, Project Angel Tree, Epworth Children’s Home, Bolivia/Honduras mission teams, Project WARM, Devotional service and fellowship for residents at Brookdale North Augusta on the 1st, 4th, and 5th Sundays, Salkehatchie Summer Service, and special Grace UMC projects and needs, e.g., the Sanctuary Christmon tree, Curly’s Court and the pastor’s contingency fund. Class fellowship includes coffee and refreshments every Sunday morning, informal dinners and theater outings, monthly bridge gatherings, and an annual Christmas party. In times of need, we individually and collectively provide prayer, listening ears, encouraging words, a quiet presence, meals, and whatever assistance is required.

President: John O’Neal                                                                                                                                                                                            Vice President: Lonzo Gibbs                                                                                                                                                                              Corresponding Secretary: Ann Benton                                                                                                                                                                      Treasurer: Carolyn Dickson                                                                                                                                                                                 Teachers: Mary Jane Wisenbaker, Larry Hall, Bill House, Bill Anderson, Lonzo Gibbs, Susan Jackson, Sharon Fernstrom, Yvonne O’Neal, Jim Dickson, Dick Day Location: Classroom B, Wesley Center  

Family Foundations Class

Family Foundations consist of married, single, divorced and widowed members. The age of members range from 40 to 60 year old.  We support one another and their families. We’re involved in missions such as CMONA, Bolivia,  Honduras, and more. Our lessons consist of class discussions from videos such as Lisa Harper and Andy Stanley and  book studies such as Max Lucado and Adam Hamilton. We have socials during the year.                                                             President: Cheryl May                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Vice president: Pam Rawlinson                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Treasurer: John Mullins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Secretary:  Debbie Hamilton

Teaching Coordinator: Patty Stafford
Missions Coordinator: David Blevins
Hospitality Coordinator: Susan Robbins
Social Committee: Anne Comer, Debbie Lewis, Loralee Kokovich, Mark Lewis Teachers: Byron Neely, John McKibbin, David Robbins, Dave Redmond, Ray Walker, David Blevins, Mike Smith, John Mullins, Jim Stafford, Pam Rawlinson
Location:  The Lounge, Lower Level, Family Life Center

The Journey Class

Our group is maturing into a 30-something group composed of mostly young couples with and without kids, but we welcome anyone in the young adult category to join us. With a focus of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, we encourage each other through all the new adventures and phases of the journey of life we are sharing together. Members share and rotate teaching responsibilities, encourage group discussions, and have guest speakers. Members participate in mission projects and community outreach such as Salkehatchie, the F3 organization, and children’s ministry. The class is responsible for the Angel Tree project and shares responsibility for the Chrismon Tree with the Cokesbury class. We also fellowship together outside the Sunday School hour with oyster roasts, cookouts, and lake days. Class meets in the upper level Asbury Building.

President: Abbie Ethun

Teaching Coordinator: Amber Forrest

Class Care: Sarah Deen

Missions/Outreach: Nikki Moore

Social: Rachel Covar

Treasurer: Marcus Covar

Location: Asbury Building

New Life Class

The New Life Sunday School class at Grace UMC is a mission focused group of singles  and married couples ages 30 and up. Our class is actively involved in member-led, weekly bible study as well as leading our “Mission of the Month” support. We are connecting to God and each other.

Leadership & Lessons: Ron Matthews, Marie Jackson, Briton Williams, Steve Yano

Fellowship: Laurie Matthews, Jenn Waller, Janet Waters, Mike Pope, Michele Wilson, Mary Jo Newman, Julie Hendrick, Pat Lemmon

Connect: Kay Poss, Mary Chris Newell, Pam Pope, Patty Boham, Eddie Wilson, Michelle Jones

Treasurer: Michele Chiswell

Missions: Jim Russ

Prayer Concerns: Colleen Russ

Location: Classroom A, Wesley Center

Roundtable Class

The Roundtable Class selects lessons from a variety of contemporary publications that have Christian growth as their theme. This class of older adults is composed of singles and couples. Class attendance averages 10 people. Members participate in all phases of church life. The food drive for the Community Ministry has been a long-time project and is well  supported. Our logo, or class emblem, was designed by a class member and truly represents this class. The emblem is symbolic of our Christian faith and the values of the Roundtable class. The circle of the table signifies the unbroken friendship and support we give one another. It also indicates that our class enjoys fellowship and discussions in which everyone participates. The crown symbolizes Christ as the ruler of our lives. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, and the Bible is the beginning of all our understanding. The open door symbolizes Christ’s invitation to all and our own openness to new people and fresh ideas. The fish in the center represents the Trinity–the basis of our Christian faith.  New members are welcome!

President: E.J. Holgate  

Teachers: Clarence Jeter, Pete Crawford, Barbara  Hendrich, E.J. Holgate

Member Care Ministry:  Barbara Hendrich

Contacts: Annette Crawford

Location: Classroom F, Wesley Center

Seekers Class

Since 1977,  the Seekers class has been an integral part of the Grace Family.  Our Sunday School lessons vary from week to week and focus on discussion of how our faith, the Bible and Methodist beliefs relate to our everyday lives, and the problems and challenges of today’s world. We are relaxed and informal. Our teachers value and encourage class participation. We are singles and married couples primarily mid to late 60’s, with some younger and older, and no stringent age requirements. We consider ourselves ‘Young at heart’! We are choir members, Grace leadership committee members, mission team members, United Methodist Women and Men members, youth breakfast cooks, LifeSong and Traditional Worship attendees, Return to Bethlehem participants and more – we are fully involved in various programs at Grace. Our members find comfort in knowing we share each other’s joys and sorrows and can always depend on one another. We maintain a class fund to support special requests as well as periodically supporting Epworth Children’s Home, Bolivian and Honduras missions, needy families, Community Ministries of North Augusta,  the Ronald McDonald House and Return to Bethlehem. We prepare quarterly meals for Ronald McDonald House.

President: Bruce Wilson

Treasurer: Christy Jones

Support : Marti Flippo

Communications: Bruce & Betty Wilson

Teachers: Kathy Bradley, Carla Ellis, Lark Jones, Forrest McKie, Henry Smith, Polly  Hargrove

Location: Classroom C, Wesley Center

Stillwell Class

The Stillwell Class has been in existence since 1949.  Class members have been instrumental in the development of Grace and continued to support its programs over the years.  The class is comprised of singles and couples 60 and older, however, new members of any age are welcome.  The class actively supports many organizations, including Epworth Children’s Home, Haiti School Program, The Oaks Residence Assistance Program in Orangeburg, Wesley Commons, Bolivian Projects, and Community Ministry of North Augusta. Class members serve in various roles of the church as well as the community.  Excellent teachers rotate on a weekly basis to bring inspirational and educational lessons from the International Lesson Series from Cokesbury.  The class also enjoys various social functions and Christian fellowship during the year ending with a special luncheon and program at Christmas.  A significant goal of the Stillwell class is captured in part of the class prayer, “glad to do whatever we can for those who need our help.”

President: Sandra Guest

Vice President: Karen Larson

2nd Vice President: Ed Wilson

Secretary: Nancy Lowry

Treasurer: Gary Street

Hospitality: Joyce Meyer

Pianist: DeeDee Carn

Song Leaders: Lal Younginer, Ed Wilson

Teachers: Joe Lusk, Barbara Seaborn, Celestia and Joe Weil, Joan Kelly, and John Younginer

Substitute Teachers:   Laura Lusk, Larry Hall, John McKibbin, John Newell, and Jim Stafford

Location: Classroom H, Wesley Center

Wesley Class

The Wesley Sunday School Class is composed of members in their 40’s and 50’s, both married and single, with children and without children.  We are active in other areas at Grace and some of our members and spouses rotate teaching other classes.  Our lessons are taught by class volunteers and center on Bible topics and characters.  Discussion follows the lesson with an emphasis on applying the truth of Scripture in our daily lives.  We welcome visitors of all ages who are seeking to grow in their faith and enjoy a smaller setting.

Contacts: Rosemary Harris, Suzanne Fowley

Location: Classroom E, Wesley Center

Women of Faith

This Sunday school class is for women of any age and circumstance. Studies center around Bible based lessons on all of the women and men of the Old and New Testament. Contact janlyn618@gmail.com for more information.  

Class Leader:  Carol Smith  

Teacher Coordinator: Janis Collins

Social Coordinator: Vicki MilliansDevotional Coordinator: Lisa Phifer

Secretary/Treasurer: Connie Pennington

Location: Classroom G, Wesley Center