nightshot   Our Mission & Vision


To Know Christ and Make His Love Known


We pray to become:

A family of faith, trusting in Christ, immersed

in God’s Word, constantly in prayer;

A community of joy, made new by the Holy Spirit, 

worshiping and praising our Lord,

giving ourselves and our gifts to God’s kingdom


Ambassadors of God’s love,

embracing all who seek Christ,

providing Christian nurture,

offering the hope of Christ to the world.



Know. Love. Share.


Know: John 14:6-7

At Grace United Methodist Church, we believe our purpose is to lead people to become disciples of Jesus Christ. To do this, we first believe that we must be a community that knows who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us. We believe that knowing Jesus is not a checklist item, it is a journey – A journey we cannot make on our own. Knowing Jesus begins with our heart. We believe knowing Jesus is the heartbeat of our mission at Grace.

Love: John 3:16-17

John 3:16 begins with, “For God so loved the world. . .” We believe that because God loved the world, then we are to love the world in the same way God loves the world. This means we are not exclusive.  “World” means everyone – regardless of circumstances, income, orientation, race, how you dress, your marital status or where you live. We believe that because God loves the world, then we are to do all we can, to make God’s love known on our campus, in our city, and throughout the world.

Share: Matthew 28:16-20

We believe that when we come to know Jesus and have our heart changed by His love for us, our response is to share this love with the world around us. We are a community made up of broken and messed up people. . . If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying. It was the redemptive power of Christ’s love and grace that has saved us and transformed our hearts. Because we have experienced a redeeming love and un-merited grace that only Christ can offer, it has become our mission to share this grace and love with the world we live in.


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Connecting our Mission & Vision

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